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    I think she looks a HELL of a lot like Claire. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was Emilie de Ravin and thought they were throwing another mind-bending twist into the whole mythology. I don't know how they could reconcile Claire and Sonya being the same person (Claire almost full-term pregnant when getting on the plane and Sonya presumably not), but it seems like a Lost kind of thing to do. Maybe they're twins separated at birth?

    Before you scold me, I've looked through the threads to see if this has been brought up and didn't find it. If it was previously discussed, then I apologize.

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    Don't think so. We already know Claire's birth story. There is no reason why her (theoretical) twin sister would be separated from her at birth.

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    it could be a slightly altered claire from another time dimension.......but probably not lol
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