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Thread: Black Rocks Log Book

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    Default Black Rocks Log Book

    It has interested me that Talbot said they had a list of coordinates from Black Rocks log book, how did they get it? If the boat sank the book would have gone down with it? Since it is already believed that Maxwell sent Sam do you suppose the whole black rock search was just a shame?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed but I just joined this forum and didn't see anything about it.

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    good point, i suppose that if the ship was going down, some people might escape. the log book would have been kinda important, it would have a cargo manifest and stuff along with it, so they would take it with them when they escaped.

    i suppose that means there must have been some survivors?
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    Did it say Black Rock's log book or Hanso's? I figured since Hanso was involved with many boats (wasn't he?) that perhaps his books were back in his office or base in Indonesia(?). Like it was a flight plan of sorts, something you'd leave behind. Just throwing stuff out there, though.

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