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Thread: Adam and Eve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyers_Stash View Post
    I didn't know she was a mother...let alone had grandchildren...im so out of touch.

    Sarcasm? She doesn't, but does have family, and you can change my quotation to "my great aunt" if you like.

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    no not sarcasm at all...I just figured I was learning she was a mother before she went on her flight...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kain067 View Post
    I think people fail to realize that Amelia Earhart was a REAL person, with REAL family and relatives still alive. Do you think they would enjoy her memory being trivialized in a TV show? Do you think they wouldn't take some form of action? And since the story would basically be saying that she never died, and instead ended up in our TV show... it seems rather tasteless when you look at it from the point of view of her real family who is still alive. I wouldn't want my own grandmother's death trivialized and then for her to show up on a TV show about a magic island.

    Just my thoughts.
    Suggesting that "Eve" from LOST's "Adam and Eve" is Amelia Earhart in no way suggests that she is still alive. The OP was about Eve possibly being Amelia Earhart. Not Amelia from othersville.

    And even if they did that, I don't think it would affect the family too much.

    1. It's been a long time. Deaths and other crazy stuff are reported on the news right after, or during, the actual incident. A crazy, zany show making an alternate future for your great aunt isn't along the same lines, but its not as if she just died yesterday.

    2. Out of her remaining relatives, the ones that actually know they were related to her, how many actually watch LOST? Maybe 50%?

    3. Out of that 50%, how many would actually be willing to spend money on some weird lawsuit suing the producers of a fiction show for smearing the name of a beloved relative?

    I'm sure that if there are any plans to use the likeness of Amelia Earhart, the producers would already have bought or asked for the liberty to do so, if such things exist for a deceased famous person.

    I'm not morbid, and I'm not trying to disrespect anyone's ancestors. I just don't think it would be a problem if they used Amelia Earhart, dead or alive.

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    I don't know if it's her or not, but even if it is.... Who cares? It's not like TPTB make her a slut in a TV show or something. If anything they are just going to say that she crash landed on the island and they stayed in the caves till they died. Plus you have the 20 year factor. If something tragic happens you have to wait 20 years for it to be funny!

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    Default a

    guys? adam and eve are the degroots.

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    Uh. No. They can't be the Degroots
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeBarlo View Post
    *shrug* How does a polar bear wind up in Africa with a DHARMA collar? With this show, you never know.

    I thought that a bear was used to turn the wheel to move the island and ended up at the exit point like Ben and Locke did after they turned the wheel.... am I way off base here?

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    just a totally random theory, but what if Adam and Eve are Rose and Bernard? hence the two stones. they were the only two losties to have supposedly survived the flaming arrows except for sawyer and Juliet and they were living all alone on the island. just a thought.

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